In this video i am sharing Nasdaq Box strategy. I took LIVE NASDAQ 15h30 trades using a simple Nasdaq Box strategy. I have shared How to use a trailing stop on Nasdaq 100 also. This is a simple Nasdaq 15h30 box strategy.

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NASDAQ 15h30 spike is very critical but we cannot predict it’s direction ,it is better to .This 16H30 NAS100 Strategy strategy can be used in conjunction with other Nasdaq 100 strategies that i teach . This can be used during nas100 trading hours in south africa or any where in the world.Trading 4:30 Indices

This NASDAQ Trading Strategy is by far the simplest and most effective winning strategy. You simply use support and resistance for this strategy and make sure that you buy low and sell high, always. NASDAQ 15h30 (one minute strategy). This can be used as a NASDAQ scalping strategy pdf
Be aware of nasdaq trading hours south africa.

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