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Executive Producer: Nguyen Thanh Tung
Composer: Son Tung M-TP 
Music Producer: Son Tung M-TP 
Artist: Son Tung M-TP 
Executive Supervisor: Chau LE
Project Manager: M-TP Talent | A member of M-TP Entertainment 
Project Marketing: Henry Nguyen
Unit Production Manager: Mr. Blue 
Digital Team: Tu Le
Partnership Management: Jodie Nguyen, Trang Nguyen
Admin and Support: Thanh Ha, Viet Nguyen, Hoang Nguyen, Bao Truong, Bich Tran, Hung Dang,Nhi Do
Securities: Vo Duong Ngoc Hoa 
Art Director: Ben Pham
Photographer: Manh Bi 
Photographer Assistant: Phuc Nguyen, Trung Hieu
BTS Videographer & Editor: Cyan
Stylist: Pham Bao Luan 
Make Up: Phat Phat 
Hair Stylist: Gill Nguyen

Director/Edit: Jason
Creative Director: Ben Pham 
Project Manager: Mr. Blue
Producers: #emsuplo
Cinematographer: Trang Doan
Art Director: Mee Hoang
Production Design: Sang Sang Team
Special Props: Bún, Phở, Ngoc Han , Huynh Gia Hy , Khiet Tran
Assistant Art Directors: Minh Ngoc
1st Assistant Director: Le Hoang Phuong
2nd Assistant Director: Nam Vo
Visualizer: Bunthoi

Camera Operator: Mr. Blue
Focus Puller: Duy VK
Gaffers: Ho Hoang Hai
Rental House: PS Vietnam
Flycam: Thong Kieu
Location Managers: Tuan Anh Team
Casting Manager: Bao Tran
Assistant Production Manager: Mine Nguyen

Production Assistants: Truong Nguyen, Salem Truong, Thuong Thuong
Graphic Designer: Lucas Nguyen 
Catering: Ho Le Team

Post Production Manager: Mr. Blue
Editor : Ian, Richson
Colorist: Trang Doan
VFX Crew: SpiceFX
VFX Supervisor – Ngô Quốc Duy
VFX Producer- Nhunnie Trần:
VFX Artist – Viết Hoàng, Luân Trần, Phuc Vo

Stand-Ins: Sy Kien
Supporting cast: Hy An

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